SFA+ 2.4 Customer Service & Support application enables you to forge strong relationships and increase customer satisfaction, while dramatically streamlining support operations.
Track every interaction with each customer. Be confident that no service call or inquiry will ever be lost or ignored. Stay on top of critical issues such as average time to close cases, case volume by product, and more with instant access to standard and customized reports.With the Customer Service & Support application, customer service and support professionals have the tools they need to surpass the most ambitious quality-of-service or productivity goals you establish.
Among other benefits, SFA+2.4 Customer Service & Support application allows you to:
»Improve customer satisfaction: With systematic case tracking and management, customers will never have to remind your employees about a previous call or incident. You can reduce the possibility of customer inquiries falling through the cracks by automatically routing and escalating support incidents. By maintaining a complete case history with instant access to all customer communication, including email, notes, calls, resolutions, and more, you can ensure all service-level agreement metrics are met or exceeded.
»Close more deals: Complete visibility into your sales process enables each member of your sales team to know precisely what the others are working on, so they can collaborate to transform sales prospects into profitable customers. Teams across your organization can effectively work together to close accounts by scheduling events, assigning tasks, coordinating meetings, flagging new opportunities, and updating client files on every account.
»Reduce training costs and provide superior service: An ever-growing, centralized knowledgebase allows you to leverage the knowledge of product experts, standardize solutions handling, improve response time, and shorten the ramp up time for new reps. Powerful search capabilities enable SFA+ 2.4 to quickly locate the right solutions for your customers.
»Increase insight into top customer issues: By analyzing and understanding the source of top customer inquiries, customer service and support professionals can proactively address top issues to improve customer satisfaction and reduce volume of customer inquiries. In addition, other functional departments — including research and development, manufacturing, purchasing, and product management — can gain valuable insight into product quality issues.
»Increase revenues through up-selling and cross-selling: Because support professionals are empowered with real-time access to a complete customer history, you can use service interactions as an opportunity to sell additional products or services.
»Present a single face to the customer: Integration with call center and back-office systems enables support reps to access relevant customer information such as inventory levels, delivery status, and billing information without leaving SFA+ 2.4. As a result, companies can deliver more effective customer service through a single point of contact.
»Seize all sales opportunities: Because every lead is immediately recorded, automatically routed to the right person, and tracked through the pipeline in real time, no opportunity is ever missed, and no competitive challenge goes unnoticed.
»Sales Pipeline Visibility: Identifies which deals are most likely to close and the largest deals in your pipeline, enabling you to align resources with your most strategic deals.
»Service and Support Performance
: Measures average response times for customer inquiries, allowing you to track performance of support reps.
»Cases by Problem Type: Identifies top reasons for customer inquiries and percentage of time spent on support, enabling you to reduce case volume by proactively resolving common customer issues.
»References: Identifies reference customers that are available to close sales opportunities. Also identifies the sales professionals and customer interaction history for your most strategic customer accounts.
»Revenue Forecast & Pipeline Trends: Allows you to identify trouble spots early and use historical trends to better predict future patterns.
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