DocExchange is a scalable, secure, multi-user Document Management and Workflow system. It allows users to manage image as well as electronic documents in a single central repository.

Document imaging is the conversion of paper documents into electronic images. A typical document management system supports scanning, storage, indexing, searching, viewing and distribution of image and  electronic documents in a secure environment.
Benefits of Document Imaging : Thousands of organizations around the world use document imaging every day instead of paper filing systems. Document imaging offers a number of benefits over paper or microfilm systems. 
 »Fast retrieval       :  Imaging lets you find documents quickly without leaving your desk. Paper and microfiche are slower                                  because users must go to files and search manually.
 »Flexible indexing :  Imaging can index documents in several different ways simulated neously. Indexing paper and                                  microfilm in more than one way is awkward, costly and time-consuming.
 »Full-text search   : Imaging systems can retrieve files by any word or phrase in the document, a capability that is                                  impossible with paper or microfiche.
 »No lost files          : Imaged documents remain in their folders when being viewed, so none are lost or misplaced. Plus,                                  index template and full-text searches can find documents if they are accidentally moved. Lost                                  documents are expensive and time-consuming to replace.
 »No lost files         : The risk of loss or damage to paper or electronic records is reduced with a document imaging                                   system. Keeping archival versions of documents in a document imaging system helps protect                                   paper documents from over-handling and keeps electronic documents in a non-proprietary format.
 » No lost files              :  Imaging makes it easy to share documents electronically with colleagues and clients over a network,                                   on CD or through the Web. Paper documents usually require photocopying to be shared, and                                   microfilm requires conversion to paper.
 » Improved security  : Imaging can provide better, more flexible control over sensitive documents. Imaging controls security                                   at the folder, document or individual word level for different groups and individuals. In contrast, all                                   paper documents in a filing cabinet or filing room have the same level of security.
»Save space              : Imaging will help recover valuable office space that was previously taken up by bulky paper files.
»Disaster recovery      : Imaging provides an easy way to back-up documents for offsite storage and disaster recovery. Paper                                    is a bulky and expensive way to back-up records and is vulnerable to fire, flood and theft.
DocExchange system provides dependable digital archival, fast retrieval and efficient distribution solutions. It is designed for rapid deployment, simplified integration and enterprise scalability.
It provides a central facility to store documents that can be accessed and shared between multiple users, across departments, multiple locations and the entire enterprise. It provides cabinets that are secure and support setting access permissions for users on documents and folders.  It also supports workflow by means of routing and tracking of documents. It also provides a means to manage the entire Document Lifecycle process.

Intuitive and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface

DocExchange has an easy to use user interface available in both Windows and Web Desktops that support standard document management and workflow operations, as well as additional custom desktops to meet specific requirements.
It supports extensive document management and workflow operations including simplified document acquisition, powerful scanning support,  exhaustive document and folder  searches, easy document viewing, flexible annotation support, powerful  image editing operations, complete  information management, online form processing, seamless content  management capability, automatic data  capture, strong version control, wide -ranging document delivery features and adaptive workflow for efficient document processing.
Scalable and Secure Enterprise-class Server          
DocExchange is a scalable multi-tiered solution built using latest technologies. It works on all major industry –standard databases, application servers and web servers. It also supports an API for System Integration with 3rd party business applications.

DocExchange Server implements the core business logic using highly optimized stored procedures. It is also responsible for Document Lifecycle Management, and does transaction management.

It provides industry -strength security,  enterprise-class scalability, supports disaster recovery, provides fault - tolerance and availability, and can be effortlessly administrated.

Support for Enterprise Integration is provided through ERP Connectors to optimize ERP productivity, and through tools to Image Enable 3rd   party business applications.

Integra DocExchange Features
Powerful Document Scanning support
Simplified Document Acquisition
Exhaustive Document and Folder Searches
Easy Document Viewing
Flexible Annotation support
Powerful Image Editing
Complete Information Management
Seamless Content Management capability
Automatic Data Capture
Strong Version Control
Wide-ranging Document Delivery
Adaptive Workflow for efficient document processing
Extensive Reports and Audit Trails
Effortless Administration
Industry-strength Security
Disaster Recovery
Enterprise-class Scalability and Availability
Intelligent Form Management
Intelligent Data Generators

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